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About us; Ginger Stevens aka. THLady Gellis Grimm

Ginger Stevens is a soon to be 60-something grandmother residing in  Knoxville, TN.   I was “raised” in the Tri-cities of upper East Tennessee primarily in  Johnson City, Jonesborough , Gray and Boones Creek.  I attended Daniel Boone High School and East Tennessee State University.  I have spent almost  30 years working in Call Centers and currently on the Funding Escalation Team assisting Merchants with understanding billing, statements and fees.

I have Three Grandsons and Two Grown Daughters.  In 2005 I remarried  and started a new chapter.  I married Bill Stevens and now have  3 Step Daughters and one grandson from that side of the Family.

I have spent some time as a member of the SCA – Society of Creative Anachronism.  We are a historical recreation group re-creating the Current Middle Ages and historically focusing on the time of  500 AD –  1603 AD.  I have personae of a 13th century Lady living in Edinburgh, Scotland,  who has traveled much and learned more.

My personae and myself are interested in herbs, weaving, sewing, handcrafts, cooking, gardening, art of several forms, fencing , and Archery.  My current focus is Relief Woodcarving of the Middle Ages.  To do all this, I also am interested in research!!

I am also a faithful follower of many things spiritual, reading much and practicing the best I can.  You will often find a copy of some religious text or book of a spiritual nature on my lap.  I am currently working on combining several of my blogs to this one.

Blessings  — Ginger/Gellis

2 thoughts on “About us; Ginger Stevens aka. THLady Gellis Grimm

  1. This is the record of development of my SCA Personae Lady Gellis McDonald. Check back here for books I have read and the research from them as well as an eventual and ongoing personae story.

  2. Love your blog’s theme – hehe.

    Thank you for stopping by Tales of Dragons, Rabbits and Roosters. I appreciate your likes. Your society looks like fun. Between that gardening and blogging I am sure you stay busy.

    If you are interested in spirituality, you may like me second blog
    It is for women like us!

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Blogsite for Ginger and Gellis

Sharing space since 1957

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