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SCA Personae – THLady Gellis Grimm

Space for SCA Personae THLady Gellis Grimm

One thought on “SCA Personae – THLady Gellis Grimm

  1. If you have read here before… as always, there are updates and changes
    Gellis is now Gellis Grimm and resides in 13th Century Edinburgh, Scotland. She is a much braver sort than I am personally and seems to enjoy putting herself in danger for the sake of King and Country. Scotland that is …
    Again I am submitting my heraldic Device and hopefully we can get it passed.

    Together we enjoy wood relief woodcarving, sewing, embroidery, weaving, beadwork, some scrollery, herbs and Archery. In the past I have tried my hand at rapier.

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Blogsite for Ginger and Gellis

Sharing space since 1957

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