I have been thinking a lot about blogging again.  I suppose that means there is a call for some introspection, or there are things bothering me that I am not dealing with directly.

I know one of those issues.   Aging.  So far, I have aged well, with fewer complaints than folks my age.  One recent surgery. ( Gall Bladder- see blog below)  I have let my hair go gray.   I am dealing with my blood sugar issues with medication, exercise and diet. But there is still this issue that someday, there will be an end.  I do believe in an afterlife, but I have not received a confirmation email for my reservation.

This August I turn 60. It is an age my mother never reached.  Sixty in my mind was always that doorway to that last phase of life, the beginning of Elderly.  It does not have to be that way, but in the end we do not hold all of the controls.  With not being particularly close with my dad and my mother passing when I was 36,  I have to rely on conversations I had with my grandmother on this whole aging issue.  I also read.  I know in my head that you are as young as you feel, and the longer you take care of yourself, the younger you will feel.  I suppose I just keep having these mental conversations with myself.

Then there is another Ageism related issue, where I am in life.  You tell yourself that by now you should have accomplished this whole list of things…. and when you haven’t  you start questioning if you ever will, and will it be too late to enjoy them.  We were suppose to have a better life than our parents…. I don’t believe that will be happening for me, and especially for the upcoming generations.  Maybe was is important to us is different and what is the description for success should be different.  My parents did not have a several hundred dollar computer, tablet and phone.  Those are important to me.   I have invested hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in my hobby (SCA), something which my parents did not do.  So while my house and yard may be smaller, my vehicles less impressive, as well as my bank account, I do have more “toys”, more activities and opportunities for friendship.  I have done several things neither of my parents did, and had every reason to be proud of me for.  I guess it is all in how you look at it.

I am going to learn more about how WordPress works as it seems to have changed since my last forays into blogging.   I want to post some on my latest suggestions and ideas on how to do some things.  I want to have a place to put my list of vitamins, and herbs that I take to keep this body running at top condition.  Many of the suggestions are SCA related.. so they may go on my Gellis Blog… (yes, I will figure out how to post the link)  Finding a place to put all of my pictures, as in not all on my phone or Facebook account, is on my “To-do” list. When that is done I will try to link everything so you can be just a nosey about my life as I am about yours!!