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Ongoing SCA Resume…

Gellis Grimm Membership # 174584

General History

Joined the SCA as Sidanen ni Dhomhnuill in 1986 in the Shire of Nant-y-Derwyddon.

From 1986 -1996

Was Shire Historian, Arts and Science Minister, Herald and Seneschal.

Was Feastacrat Three times at our events and Autocrat for Giants Dance the first two years it was held in Merides. During this time attended Pennsic (3 years), Fools War, Kingdom Arts and Science, Border Raids, as well as other local and Kingdom events.

Returned to the SCA after spending five years playing the bodhran for a Celtic Band – Pictou and another 5 years dealing with life and family.

2004 to Current ****

Moved to Knoxville in 2004 and attended Silver Hammer that fall. Took on the persona name of Gellis McDonald and began again with SCA activity.

Currently Registering SCA name as  Gelis Grim. Passed Aug 2016

More recent activities… 

Troll for Black Gryphon 2007 (Eleanor of Ashley- autocrat)

Assisted with Troll 2007 May Tourney

Co-Autocrat Silver Hammer 2009

Gold Key person 2007-2010 During this time made plans to sell of the current stores and make arrangements for the Barony to have a permanent livery for our Gold Key. Most all of it was sold before turning over the office to Lady Jayn Helene 10/2010.

Rapier Authorization 3/26/2008 – Aprox 2010

Live Weapons Authorization 7/2010 – to Current

Assisted with Live Weapons/Archery field for Local events as needed.

Assisted with Feast Prep for Silver Hammer 2010

Kitchener for 2010 Holly and Ivy – Local Yule Event.

Assisted Lord Ronan McMorton Holly and Ivy 12/2011

Taught Class on “In a Monastery Garden” – Black Gryphon 2/2011

Taught Class on “In a Medieval Garden”  RUM (2013 I think)

2014 to 2016  Baronial Seneschal.  Renewed July 2016 planning to hand off to Richard, THLORD Miklos July 2018.

Household Information:

Was associate of Mistress Eleanor of Ashley  from Aprox 1990 to 1995

Became associate of Mistress Solveig 10/30/2010 to Aprox 2011 -Due to Family demands

Currently Apprenticed to Baron Charles O’Connor as of July 2016 to current


Kingdom of Meridies

Award of Arms 2/14/1989

Guiding Hand 3/06/1992

Meridian Cross 8/16/1990

Broken Bow 1/16/2010

Grant of Arms 10/19/2013

Split Arrow 02/2016

Order of the Bough 01/21/2017

Thor’s Mountain Awards

Daughter of Aduin 05/11/2008

Ram’s Horn – Fighting 10/25/2008

Rams Horn – Service   10/25/2006

Order of the Clutching Hand  10/2016



Seneschal for the Barony of Thor’s Mountain

2014 to 2016  Baronial Seneschal.

Renewed July 2016 planning to hand off to Richard, THLORD Miklos July 2018.

Arts and Sciences

Pieces of Note:

* Kingdom Archway for Pennsic 1990 ( I believe)

Basswood relief – Roman Style carvings

(Still in storage at Mistress Eleanor’s)

*Large Carved Chessboard that was entered in Giant’s Dance I

(Interkingdom event)

*Blue Wool Tunic with Embroidery and beadwork –

Made for first husband and inherited

By son-in-law Fergus Fletcher.  Was enter several times in A&S

*Heraldic Boss – Entered in several A&S Competitions   – Phoenix, final entry Kingdom Arts and Sciences  2017

2010 – previously done — Two Black and white striped belts, and on “Journey Belt” as gifts.

Sept 2010 length of multicolor band cotton and a length of gilt and blue band.

Oct 2010 – 1 Green apprentices belt from three shades of green. 2 in cotton and 3rd in Bamboo thread.

10/22 -10/29/2010 Made Iron Bow Guild Banner – Black Cotton with painted design. Also made 8 yardage markers for the Archery field.

10/15 – 10/29/2010 Made Black Linen surcoat with White Mantle with hood . (To wear on archery field)

Made – Numerous pieces of Garb, (myself, two spouses and two children and now a grandchild)      And have taught classes in basic garb construction and embroidery

For Household Challenge — make Period Buttons in Black, White and Black and White.

I have made arrows with the assistance of my mentors, THL Ronan McMorton, Lord Guilliame (Sinclair) de Saint Etienne and Lord Fergus Fletcher.

Numerous Herbal and Period Garden projects, such as wattling (Done twice now), salves, and lotions, tinctures and  teas.

Carved Spoons and combs

Some forays into period jewelry.

Pilgrim’s Bag – Heavy Canvas Bag that has been Tea Dyed and items added as time goes on.

Calligraphy — I have done the illumination on a scroll for a Meridian Cross for Lady Klara ( Megan Harrison) .


Projects in the Works

2015 -Kingdom Regalia for Sovereign’s Pleasure – Woven Bands (Cardwoven) for awards.  One length delivered and another on the loom at present.

3 foot tall carving of St Francis of Assisi — On going Wood carving project.

For Household Challenge — make Period Buttons in Black, White and Black and White.

I have made Kingdom Regalia for Sovereign’s Pleasure – Woven Bands (Cardwoven) for awards.

Working on hand woven kumihimo ribbons for awards.

Ongoing  Herbal Research for a Period Herbal –  Several sketches and paintings have been done but needing to improve on calligraphy before continuing.  I believe I will start the work on this soon.

New Heraldic Wood carvings in the works doing a series of Heraldic Bosses. .

Currently have heraldic Devices in process for 2017 A&S year.

Lord Artur na Samhthach   — Sam McClanhan

Serafina Rossi-  Mindy Vanden Brink-Smith