As I am one of the Autocrats for this Years Silver Hammer I am posting this for advertising as well as a reminder to myself.


The Barony of Thor’s Mountain presents

Silver Hammer XXXVI

October 30 – November 1, 2009 – Big Ridge State Park, Maynardville, TN

A Halloween Homecoming

A time of skill, honor, and lots of loot to take home !


Planned Activities Include :

Tourney of the Silver Hammer (Heavy) –  ***Traditional  Double Elimination  tourney in the “Hammer”

Rapier Tourney –  **** Double elimination or Round Robin dependent upon number of participants  

Archery  Competition  and the Thor’s Mountain Yeoman Tourney –  Inspect your Bows and Arrows and join us on the Field for Day long Archery from  10 am to 3 pm.

 The Baronial Yeoman ArcheryTourney will be held at 2:00 pm  for the annual tourney to choose the Baroness’s next yeoman for the upcoming year. The winner will stand as her yeoman in court for the next year.   The Theme for this year’s competition is being held in a secret vault in nant-y-derwyddon  until the time of the competition!!

FundRaiser —    We are also starting our fund raiser to make the purchase of an archery net for the archery field.  The charge will be a dollar an Arrow and the competition will continue until the funds are raised for the Prize, and the  Net .  


Arts and Sciences Competition this year will be Seasonally Inspired!!  It will be  a Carved pumpkin/gourd/turnip competition  for adults and children alike!!  these will be on Display through the end of feast. 


New Offerings :

Viking Olympics —  ****Triathlon — There will be a (1)  Drinking contest -Timed event  (2) A  screaming contest  – Loudest Scream will be the Winner (3)   — Combat Javelin toss  for Distance .


Special Ladies Valkyrie Rapier Tourney –    First annual Women’s Only Rapier Tournament. Format will depend on number of entrants, of which  we hope there will be many! A prize and scroll will be given to the winner. It will be highly encouraged  for the men, loved ones, family members give the Combatants a token to wear on the field.  you will want these Valkyrie to remember you well, when they come for you to take you to the halls of honor!!!


Merchants–  Please contact the Merchant Liaison to arrange for space.  This is an absolute must.  Contact:  THL Allesaundra de crosthwaite (Sandra Jaqua  – email <> Telephone   865-448-6878 


Competitions of  a Bardic Nature :

Friday Night Bardic  “Thing” –  Master William will host this Friday Night Tradition – come and entertain us with your songs, stories, and other medieval performance arts.  He will be awarding prizes at his whim and setting categories at random, depending on who turns out.  The competition will be in an open format.  Documentation will give you a bonus, but is not required. 

Saturday Night– Bard of Silver Hammer –  during feast on Saturday Night there will be the traditional Bard of Silver Hammer Competition.  Per the Previous winner,  Pomestnik  Iastreb Desislavich this year’s competition will be Open format Period or Period Style Pieces .



In celebration of the Season!!!

After Feast there will be a couple of pinatas to be opened in the traditional manner in order  for the children to gather their Halloween treats!  Costumes after feast for this event are encouraged and there will be prizes for different categories such as cutest, scariest, funniest, etc.   For more information please contact Lady Aislinn at aislinnvonwuestenberg@yahoo. com



feast – this year’s theme is Ireland.  Come and join us as sir dragolen and lady mariana cook up an outstanding Irish feast!

To contact the Kitcheners please email Rebecca Myers at <>

Menu  – **** (Note – abbreviation “evoo” is extra virgin olive oil )

First Remove
Marinated Mushrooms: mushrooms, lemon, garlic, evoo, rosemary, salt, pepper
Samit and Vegetables: cheese, butter, garlic, sour cream, carrots, celery, green onions
Greens and Dressing: Lettuce, evoo, lemon, salt, pepper, parshley
Irish Baggers: pork sausage, basil, thyme, garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper
Brie Dessert: flour, evoo, butter, salt, brie cheese, blackberries, honey, hazelnuts

Second Remove
Cheese and Leak Soup: milk, heavy cream, butter, leeks, celery, thyme, salt, pepper, cheddar cheese, flour, vegetable broth, cayenne pepper,
Soda Bread :flour, salt, baking soda, buttermilk, sugar, baking powder, oil

Third Remove
Smoked Irish Bacon: pork loin cured in salt, rosemary, garlic, sugar, sodium nitrate, parsley
Cabbage and Irish Bacon :Cabbage, onions, pepper, salt, (bacon from smoked Irish bacon)
Apple Cake: flour, baking powder, butter, sugar, eggs, milk, apples, cloves, apple concentrate

Forth Remove
Corn Beef :brisket, sodium nitrate, pepper, allspice, thyme, paprika, sage, bay leaves
Irish Mash : parsnips, turnips, onions, celery, garlic, honey
Plum Tarts : flour, butter, sugar, plums, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon



Other Food offerings will be Saturday and Sunday Morning Breakfast. 


Catelin Rayne de Marchaunt

Stefanie Payne


3115 Dorothy Drive

Maryville, TN   37804

Reservationist is requesting Reservations to be accompanied by email address in case of need for contact.


Event Fees                                By Oct 15      After Oct 15

Adult w/eon board            $ 22.00            $ 25.00

Adult w/e off board          $12.00             $ 15.00

Adult daytrip on Board    $18.00             $21.00

Adult daytrip off-Board   $8.00                $11.00

Children  5-12                         half adult price

Non-member adults add $3.00 to the prices above.

member families pay  a maximum of 3 adult fees. Babies Free!!

Cash, check, m/o Only to hold space.  Make check out to :  SCA Inc., Barony of Thor’s Mountain. 

Feast Space is limited to  120.  Feast spot must be claimed by 3 pm on Saturday.  Feast will sell out- Reservations are Strongly encouraged!!  No Pets, No original bottles,  No fires outside designated areas.  Site is open from 5pm ET Friday to  11:oo am ET Sunday. 

The Group Camp is discretely dry.  The fighting field & the rest of the park is Bone Dry.

Directions :   Take best route to I-75.  From I-75 take exit 122,  take Hwy 61 east for approximately 12 miles.   The Park entrance is on the Left.  The park is located between the cities of Andersonville and Maynardville.


Schedule  :  Schedule

Friday  October 30,2009

5:00    Troll/Site Opens 

TBA in the Hall – Master William Host a “Bardic Thing”

12:00 am  Troll closes


Saturday October  31,  2009

7:30 am  – –  Wake up calls

8:00 am  — Troll Reopens

8:00 – 9:30 am Breakfast is Served

9:00 am –    Begin to drop off A&S entries at appointed table in the

                   Great Hall  (Closes at  2:00)  Entries  will be on Display for Feast.    

10:00 am     Troll reopens on the Fighting Field

10:00 am      Rapier and Heavy Inspection opens on Fighting Field 

10:00 am      Target Archery Opens on the Field

10:30 am      Rapier Tourney Begins

11:00  am      Heavy Combat Tourney Begins

12:30 pm      Special Ladies Valkyrie Rapier Tourney

1:00  pm       Viking Olympics

1:00 pm        Dance Class lead in the Hall by Master Lorenzo Petrucci  

1:00 pm        Troll Closes on the Field 

2:00  pm      Baronial Yeoman Tourney Competition ( field Closed)

3:00 pm       Archery Field Closed

5: 00 pm      (Or, at Their Majesties Pleasure) Court

7:30 pm       (Or,  at Their Majesties Pleasure )  Feast

                      Bard of Silver Hammer competition during Feast

After Feast – Seasonal Festivities in the Hall,  and Weather  permitting, a Bonfire in the Valley behind the Hall.  Dancing will be lead by Master Lorenzo Petrucci.


Sunday  November  1st

7:00-9:00   Breakfast Served

11:00 am – Site Closes — Everyone have a Safe Drive Home!

*** As Usual — Schedule is Subject to Change!! 


Lady Gellis McDonald    and    Lady Brigid O’Connor

Ginger Stevens                                         Rachelle elwell                                         

865-335-4277                                             865-566-6061

5918 Grove Dr

Knoxville, TN   37918