The rain is gentle on my window, as I listen to the sounds of a wet evening.  I hear the train on the bridge that divides Fountain City and North Knoxville, and the sound rolls up the valley over traffic and other noises of the city.  The cars come up the hill here, and you can hear the water as it pulls on the tires.  I look out over the city and see the shining jewels of lights: strings of amber street lights in contrast with the individual jewels of homes and businesses.

It is a quiet evening after the noise of a three year old who has kept our company for the last two nights.  I find joy in his coming and also know the reason that those younger give birth and have daily care of children.  While we got a lot done yesterday, today we goofed off in pajamas and watched videos and movies.  He watched “Fireman Sam” and “UmiZoomi” while I painted a small painting of the Sacral Chakra.  It was a good way to spend a rainy day at “Nana’s.”

I have now retired to my room.  It is my nest, in my Tree House.   I now have my computer, my paints, canvas’s, sewing and beadwork there, as well as my place of meditation and prayer.  I have lovingly thought of it as my Womb as well.  It is the place I take things to let them grow and develop.  I thought on that some as I painted on the sacral Chakra.  It is the place of the Womb, the Room of Gestation.  It is the Cauldron of our Soul/Body where we cook the things we need to manifest.  The Root Chakra is our Fire, our flames, our passion.  It is under the Cauldron in the Sacral Chakra.  Next is the Solar Plexus…. The Sun of our Body.  Then above that is the Heart Chakra and above that the Throat Chakra, Third Eye and then the Crown.  I recently took on this project to paint these for my bedroom as focal points for prayer and meditation.    I have discovered that painting them is a type of meditation in itself.

As to another subject  — I purchased a Fireplace video last week and discovered a really interesting observation.  Cats will sleep in front of fake fires, just as well as real ones.   I put it on and had both of the cats in the living room sleeping on the couch while I was reading.  Fascinating.

My son-in-law came and picked up my grandson this afternoon.  He had to wait as we were having a late lunch and I still had some washed clothes to go back with them.  We walked the yard a few minutes before loading the car with his overnight bag.  We were making plans to take out a few trees and bushes as I make more changes to our yard.   I have decided I hate the flower bed by the road and so I am just going to put in my own sidewalk!  I am not sure how this is going to work… but I will make it work.  We are also going to move the fountain to the front as well.

The Wheel of the Year has moved, and we look toward spring.  I have had my nose in seed catalogs and online sites, hunting what I want to raise this year.  In the last few years I have had horrible luck with tomatoes and cucumbers, but if I am going to raise the herbs, I need them to make the salads that the herbs would go on.  I have located Holy Basil seeds online and they have Three Varieties and so I will try all three this year.  A young friend of mine has been promised  a couple of plants and will make presents of others, with enough for my needs as well.  By Hindu Tradition they are also raised by the entrance to the home, I will probably have some there as well.

I have been thinking of calling our place here Ladybug Grove and putting Red Ladybugs on Purple shutters.  The house is light Green.  I have a Purple Hydrangea that I got last year, and I am thinking on a purple Floribunda Rose bush.  My eldest and I also found Pink Blueberry bushes that have beautiful foliage in the fall.  My plans I am afraid, are limited to my monetary funds.

As I close this day, may you all be well and find peace in your own rest and silence.