Expiration Date

Now for an update on my life !!

Hmmm… It is the first of March, spring is … well… hiding, so far.
Work, well work is crazier than ever, but that is normal.
Family, I believe they are all doing OK. At least as OK as they ever are.

And me, well…. I think I am falling apart.

I have discovered that I have an expiration date on my gall bladder. Or at least the contents. If you could reach inside of me and flip over my gall bladder, it should read, “Do not use after 11/2012.” That was when I noticed the problem starting for certain. It may have been going on longer than that, but not that I felt that I could identify as such.

I mentioned it to my doctor in December, and after much craziness in trying to schedule, I was able to recently get the ultrasound done to determine if that was the issue. The doctor’s scheduler called and told me I had gall stones and an appointment with the surgeon. I was able to get the time off from work and was told that I did not have gall stones. I had a gall stone. It is over one inch in diameter. As I was told by the surgeon, I do not have a gall stone, I have a boulder. The surgery is now scheduled for March 27. Hopefully all will be well, and I am able to make it through my middle step-daughter’s wedding which is the weekend before. My hubby has vacation that week which is why we choose to do it then.

My family has a history with the Gall Bladder. I know my paternal Grandmother had hers out, as well as my mother. My mom’s was so bad she claimed it felt like someone was sticking a knife in and twisting. My eldest daughter had hers out about four months after she gave birth to her son. I must say the deck was stacking up nicely against me.

On the upside of all this, I will be off for at least 8 working days with short term disability. I am sure that I will have my plans dashed, but I hope to get a lot done at home during that time. There are stacks and stacks of sewing, artwork and other projects that need to be completed. If all that I get done is some time to meditate, I suppose it will be time well spent.

Back around Christmas I broke a tooth on some beef jerky, and so there is something else I need to attend to. If I have them knock me out, do you think the surgeon and the dentist could get it all done in one fell swoop. Makes sense to me.

May you be blest with health and happiness, I will be working on my own as well.