Yep, it’s just a Thursday.  Thursday is “my” day.  I work four -ten hour days most weeks.  Bill works five.  So, Thursday’s are mine…. all mine.   When I get him off to work, I have many choices.  I can go back to bed.  I can sit and sip my tea.  I can cook breakfast, leisurely.   I can garden, read, sew, carve, paint or write.  And cat holding and cuddling.  They are my days to recharge and recover parts of myself that I feel I give away or in exchange for a paycheck.  Thursdays restore my soul.George asleep

Today I “FaceBooked”, drank tea, and ate some breakfast.  I did some online shopping.  Some maintenance shopping and a few splurges. I finally ordered one of the sash purses  and ordered some eyelashes.  We shall see how much I regret those purchases in a few weeks.   The sash purse is on Facebook if you want to check it out.  ( or here –  )  The fake eyelashes were something I stumbled on while looking at lash extensions.   They are a two piece eyelash with a magnet that holds them on your lashes.  They are by One Two Cosmetics.  ( )  One of the things I feel I have lost getting older is looking feminine and I hope this will give me a bit of a boost.   In all of my pictures my face just sort of fades away, but I have never really been much of a makeup person.   I occasionally get in the mood and then a few days of allergies symptoms and I loose my mood.

Last weekend was the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium (SCA )  here in Knoxville.   Lots of fun was had by all.  I mostly took Court Herald classes due to that was something I really enjoyed back in the day and well, I will never be a very good scribe.  I may try my hand at it again at some point, but I doubt it will every be my artistic strength.  Bill and I had a weekend with our peer and his wife.  Charles and Grania are true jewels and I treasure ( pun intended) each time we get to spend time together.  They have been in the SCA since “God was a pup.”  They know or have met a lot of the early movers and shakers in the Society.  Their stories let you know how things once were.   Charles is quite the Pokemon hunter and so we went to the park for an hour or so “pokey” hunting.   We got to re-acquaint  ourselves with members of the HouseHold – Dun Connor and household friends and associates.  Cori Mulin and I got to find out we have much in common and I hope we get to spend some time together at RUM.

Cup of Tea in Dragon cupCurrently,  I have ordered med’s that only have two pills in the bottle so I can pick them up tomorrow.  I have a pot of Tazo – Sweet orange tea beside me and I think there will be homemade guacamole for supper.   I need to do something Artsy so I feel that I did not waste the whole day.  I believe there needs to be some sweet smelling oils diffused around me,  and some outside time before sunset.

I am still in a re-organizational mood and saw some more ideas on FaceBook this morning.   I forget I can save those things and wish they all had a links so I could pin them on Pintrest.

So now on to this Artsy thing I need to do…. I am thinking getting my Heraldry resubmitted again.  With my badge.Heraldry Submission