In case you don’t know , I have three Grandsons.   They all live more than two hours away.   Today was one of those days that make me miss them.  And so when I see this little boy tugging on his dad walking through the parking lot, it makes me want to put down my groceries and say, ” Wanna Play?”   I would be happy to throw him up in the air about a dozen times and then give him a ride in a “Granny Wagon” (one of the Kroger Golf carts).

I have also started noticing I sometimes get special smiles from some of the kids at the store and last night I even got a dance from a young lady with her parents in the Sugar Isle (maybe she had some).  I have noticed I am in the right place , and the right time to keep kids from falling out of buggy’s,  give them a smile that stops crying, and help them get the peanut butter off the shelf they can’t reach to take to mom.  I guess kids just recognize a grandma smile when they see one and know what I need too.

So… I suppose I am a Kroger Grandma.