So, here I am fighting a winter cold or flu.  Possibly the result of working in a germ swamp, allergies and just too many nights of short sleep.  Any way, it becomes me against the “Germ”, and I get out my arsenal of garlicy chicken soup with Angel Hair whole Grain Rice noodles, Herbs, vitamins, and Home Remedies.  Why don’t I just arm myself with NyQuil, and all the rest of the over the counter remedies??  I can’t take them with my blood pressure issues ,and I have been studying the use of herbs off and on for over 20-30 years.

I have done a few things today besides my attempts to heal myself, and FaceBook.   I have completed a load of laundry, only to find out that I believe we have a leak.  I am waiting for the Hubby to come home and for us to test this theory.   I washed a load of dishes in the dishwasher and straightened up some.  I took compostables out to the bin, and took a dead bird back outside after MoonShadow brought me one in…  I told him– the Cat, … I Don’t need Dead Birds.

Sometimes, I think that when I can’t breathe…  I get very little inspiration.  Like Today.  It is like it is in the very air that I breathe ,and I can’t breathe, …or get inspired.   So thusly, I end my day… with both my nose and my inspiration , stopped up.