It has been an “artsy fartsie” sort of day. Bits of inspiration strung together on silver ribbon, hints of sketches for future paintings and flashes of color combined with a sense of peace. Work was good. I learned a little bit about my new manager, she has a very interesting side of her. The calls were pretty normal, except I seemed to have more Canadian calls than normal. I must say I am doing better on those calls, but it has been hard going.

I was able to convince myself to give the gym another try. I told myself, “Self”, this is not a race, 30 minutes of activity is all we are concerned with, and then you get the reward of 10 minutes on the Hydromassage table.” It worked.

I went to Food City after the gym, and while walking down to the Store, I see a familiar face. To folks in the SCA, you know him as MadDog. We had not had a chance to catch up in a while since his mother had passed earlier this year. He is such a wonderful character, in the best of Southern style. He is left over from an earlier age. Combine Viking, hippie, tree hugging, carnivore with a love of music and alcohol. Skinny as a rail with a beard down to his chest. Gave him a hug in the middle of the parking lot — I am sure we freaked out a few folks.

After my happy Synchronicity, I got my applesauce and eggs and headed home to make breakfast for tomorrow morning. But first I had to test the batch. I was using some gluten free baking mix with cranberries, walnuts, a handful of oats and some flaxseed and made a lovely batch of muffins. No sugar added, just some splenda and applesauce. I shall have a lovely breakfast tomorrow.

Favorite quote from today was a Birthday wish from Elizabeth to Zach —

Happy Birthday! Live Long and Prosper, So Say We All! May the Force Be with you and may the Time Lords keep you!

Goals — Go to the Gym and make muffins!!! Check!