It was a beautiful day today, wasn’t it. Nice Temperatures, low humidity and gorgeous skies. This is really my favorite time of the year.
Most of my weekend was last minute chaos. My eldest and I went up to the Tri Cities to help the youngest one move. I ended up taking care of all three boys. So I had Christian, my eldest grandson, who is five and in kindergarten. All boy, and a boy of this generation, with a game boy glued to his face. Then there is Sion, my middle grandson, who is three and just figuring some of this stuff out. The youngest is Ethan who turned two in April. Yes, I had all three on my own for several hours.
For the first bit, it was easy. Christian was on the GameBoy and Sion and Ethan were very content to watch “Dora the Explorer ” and several other educational CD’s. After a couple of hours of that then there was “toy fest”, diaper and pull up changes and food to be fixed. Somewhere in about hour Four or so things started reach “Critical Mass ” and so it was time to get them out of doors. The rain had finally stopped and the new place has a lovely enclosed back yard. The day was pretty successful as I only had to “time out” the older boys one time a piece.
This was a special day, in that I got to spend some extended time with Ethan. Ethan was discovered to be hydrocephalic when he was about a month old. I will never understand why they waited so long to do the surgery. Only time will tell exactly what his outcome may be, but I admit there is some brain damage and he does not respond as he should. He seems to understand most all that you say to him, but he does not verbally respond. There seems to be response in that he may show you what he wants or looks at what he wants. He likes to be flipped like Sion, but we were careful and did it on the floor. He is a big sturdy fella for his age. And while he is not fat – he is not delicate like Megan was as a child or even Sion. He is a wonderful loving child, who likes to spin, and loves motion. I was able to get him to look me in the eyes twice on this visit. It was the first time since he was very young I have been able to get him to do that. He feed himself, walks (if a little bandy legged) and seems to be filled with pure joy. I might have been able to discover more about him if we had been alone, but I had the other two to contend with as well.
I do not know what I will ever be able to do with him or for him. But I am his grandmother, his Nana and I am very proud of all Three of my Grandsons. I was the mother of two girls and was one of two girls when I was raised. When my girls started having boys – I was at my wits end. I had no idea what to do with boys. But that has worked out and so I am sure I will figure out how to work with Ethan. Life is just full of challenges for us to figure out. That is part of why we are here, I am sure. I find it interesting the challenges that Deity has provided to me and hope I am up for it. May I prove to be a loving grandmother to all of my grandsons.
Just in case you did not know, this past weekend was Grandparents Day. By chance – I had Sion on Sunday and we had a lovely day and finished it off by spending some time in the park. It is a gift to watch and interact with your children’s children. Nana fixed chicken nuggets, steak fries and green beans for lunch. How kid friendly can you get. The Nuggets were even animal shaped!