This is a list of the items that have been of great assistance in my weight loss goals.

PB2 –  This is powdered peanuts with most of the oil removed.  45 calories for two tablespoons.  I mix it up with a little carob powder (I am allergic to coco) and splenda.

Kroger’s Carbmaster yogurt  approx 50-60 calories and comes in lovely flavors

The Laughing Cow – Light cheese wedges  35 calories per wedge..  I use them alot for roll ups.  I take the thin lunch meat and add some of the cheese and a slice of green pepper.   Usually have a couple of these for lunch. (Aprox 3)

Trop50-  Tropicana’s  50 calorie for  8 oz OJ — I use this in my morning yogurt shakes.

Miss Meringue  Sugar free Meringue cookies  — I am stuck with the Vanilla due to Kroger’s only carries Vanilla and Chocolate.  (Again with the chocolate allergies)

So far I have been able to keep up with the  5lbs per month weight loss goals.   I will add more here as I find/ or remember more.   Good luck with your own goals.